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Death And The Lady: Nick Abrahams’ film for Shirley Collins’ first record in 38 years

Sep 24th, 2016

//Shirley Collins with hooden horses. Photo: Toby Amies//

“Shirley has a voice that seems to be in touch with the traditions of the past, but also the dark mystery that makes England so weird, wild and mesmerising, and it is these two aspects that I wanted to convey in the video.”
Nick Abrahams, 2016

I’m captivated by the magical film made by Nick Abrahams to accompany the Shirley Collins song Death And The Lady.

shirl1 shirl4 shirl5

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It’s a cracker: Jah Wobble x 4 in promo for new song Merry Go Round

May 20th, 2015

//Jah Wobble as a female newsreader in the promo for Merry Go Round//

Love the clip from Jah Wobble for his cracking new song Merry Go Round.

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Promo curio: Diana Crawshaw and the Granny Takes A Trip Dodge in Tim Rose clip

Aug 19th, 2014

//Still from Long Haired Boy: Diana Crawshaw outside 488 King’s Road, 1969//

Diana Crawshaw – who designed for such boutiques as Mr Freedom and Paradise Garage – has contacted me about an appearance she made in an early pop promo clip: Piers Bedford’s short for the 1968 single Long Haired Boy by American singer-songwriter Tim Rose.

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The return of Kix: Fu Manchu by The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra ft Bitty McLean

May 6th, 2013

Dave Robinson, one of the British music business’s towering figures, has sent me this lovely pop-reggae tune from Madness man Lee Thompson’s project.

It’s great for this sunny Bank Holiday; Bitty McLean is on top vocal form.

Fair takes me back to seeing Madness in their North London Invaders incarnation support a jazz-rock trio (!) at Camden Town’s Dublin Castle, and before that the graffito ‘Kix’ emblazoned around 70s teenage nexus Golders Green tube station (courtesy of Thompson).

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Bowie Style tonight: In conversation with Boy George at the V&A

Apr 9th, 2013

Tonight I am hosting an event at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum: an ‘in conversation’ with Boy George about the importance and influence of popular culture’s greatest manipulator of visual identity, David Bowie.

//George O'Dowd overlooked by Big Brother in his room at a squatted house in Carburton Street, central London, 1978.//

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Music: Get Free – Major Lazer feat Amber

Aug 25th, 2012

As points out, this is perfect for Carnival weekend (even with this weather). Scenes from Jamaican life in the clip by So Me.

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Blurring the boundaries: Bishi’s Albion Voice

Apr 30th, 2012

Ever one to blur the boundaries, Bishi Bhattacharya’s new song Albion Voice simultaneously embraces Jubilee year multicultural Britain and the time-honoured English folk tradition just as Matthew Hardem’s video captures this national treasure’s ability to shift between performance art and music performance.

It’s fab – visit Bishi’s site here.

And read about the day  I met her with one of Barney Bubbles’ collaborators here.

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Psychic Life: Julie Campbell + Jah Wobble with Keith Levene

Sep 27th, 2011

This is Tightrope by Psychic Life, the new project from Julie Campbell + Jah Wobble with contributions from the latter’s colleague in the first Public Image Ltd line-up, Keith Levene.

Campbell released an album last year as Lonelady.

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Brian Eno, Polly Eltes + Judy Nylon 1974

Sep 23rd, 2011

This is the little-seen promo video for Brian Eno’s song China, My China (from 1974’s Taking Tiger Mountain [By Strategy]).

Eno appears with Polly Eltes and Judy Nylon.

Eltes is a former model turned actress and singer; she contributed vocals to the same album’s Mother Whale Eyeless and has collaborated with Michael Karoli and Jah Wobble. She is also a photographer.

Judy Nylon is the American-born performer, writer and artist who took 70s London by storm – I wrote about her a couple of years back here.

Nylon was often in cahoots with her partner in Snatch, Patti Palladin. Here they are performing at Hurrah! in 1979. I think this was shot by the estimable Paul Tickell:

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Promo pick: Non-Stop Radio – Cornershop ft Celeste

Aug 11th, 2011

Still from promo for Non-Stop Radio by Cornershop ft Celeste

Promo News is a favourite site, and not just because it is run by pal o’mine Dave Knight; day-in, day-out he delivers the full span of fresh work in the field of music promos, and occasionally one tickles my fancy.

Like this. Directed by Vidya Sharma & Rajesh Thomas, this animated clip is for Non-Stop Radio, the Cornershop track featuring Celeste.

Cornershop featuring Celeste – Non-Stop Radio from rocketscience on Vimeo.

Read all about it here. And subscribe to Promo’s daily bulletins here.

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