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Zines: Bad Seed 1-3

Mar 22nd, 2011

Published 1984-85, here are the covers and some content from the first three editions of Bad Seed, Miriam Linna’s celebration of Juvenile Delinquency, the “overnight plunge into general degeneracy” among US teens in the 50s.

At the time the JD scare prompted a media frenzy which was accompanied by an explosion of books, music, flicks and fashions.

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Things get out of hand at a book event

Feb 25th, 2011

This was shot by GilW the other night at a punk-rock veterans’ book event in Berkeley. The gentlemen sitting left to right are Mike Hudson, Cheetah Chrome and Bob Pfeiffer.

For other, calmer interludes from the in-store, visit here.

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