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Dancing: Eve Gallagher on Dance Energy

Jul 29th, 2011

1990 was a highpoint year for British pop as dance infiltrated almost every musical genre.

And BBC2’s Dance Energy was fabulous pop TV, taking the format from Soul Train and showcasing the audience as the stars.

Here dance diva Eve Gallagher – dressed to the pervy nines + signed to George O’Dowd’s sorely-underrated label More Protein – provides an opportunity for the Dance Energy crowd to demonstrate the full range of moves and styles from that great year: Funki Dredds, B-Boys and Daisy Agers shift a gear amid an array of Raiders garms, Po’ Boy caps, knapsacks, pendants, Baggy tops + jeans, leotards, MA-1-style jackets, dungarees, blunt-cut fringes, etc.

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Favourite shoes: My corduroy + crepe-soled Bongos

Jul 28th, 2011

Bongos - top

These are the only pair of Bongos, a crepe-soled, corduroy sample shoe manufactured by George Cox for Lloyd Johnson in the late 90s.

These unusual elastic-vented slip-ons were intended for Johnson’s Beatnik range, sold through his three London shops, at 406 King’s Road, in Kensington Market and at 293 Portobello Road.

In the event the design didn’t make it into production.

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David Bowie’s Lucian Freud wallpaper

Jul 22nd, 2011


This segment of Laura Ashley wallpaper has a repeat print of David Bowie’s portrait of Lucian Freud.

It was included in Antennae #1, the limited edition box made available at the War Child fashion event Pagan Fun Wear, which was held at London’s Saatchi Gallery – then in St John’s Wood – on Midsummer’s Eve 1995.

Here is Brian Eno’s introduction to Antennae with instructions as to what to do with the wallpaper and the rest of the contents of the box:


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Dancing: Sharpies do the eagle rock

Jul 22nd, 2011

Australia’s Daddy Cool scored a big home hit in 1971 with sub-Stones strut Eagle Rock, which soon became a wedding party staple.

Four years later when they headlined The Australian Concert For Bangladesh at Melbourne’s Myer Music Bowl Daddy Cool were about to be consigned to the oldies bin by the band which was sixth on the bill that day, AC/DC.

AC/DC had been propelled locally by teenage Sharpie fans, a group of whom are seen here stepping out with a mickey-taking version of the Eagle Rock boogie which mutates into their dance, The Melbourne Shuffle.

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In praise of the Telnayashka

Jul 20th, 2011

Happiness is, it seems, the arrival in the post of a new Telnayashka – a Russian military top.

Telnayashka means “body shirt”. In single knitted cotton with Breton neck, long sleeves and body, these are the simplest and most comfortable of garments. I particularly like the paper sizing label stitched bottom left onto the front hem .

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T-shirts: MC5 – Kick out the jams motherfucker!

Jul 19th, 2011

I’ve collected t-shirts for 30-odd years; this is one of my favourites.

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Beatbooks 58: Psychedelia

Jul 19th, 2011

Psychedelics – in the form of art, design, drugs, literature, music and the counter-culture – dominate the latest catalogue from BeatBooks.

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I like a bit of a cavort: Ubangi Stomp by Carl Mann

Jul 15th, 2011

My favourite reading of this rockabilly racket is by Carl Mann, as released by Charly in 1976.

There have been many other versions; Warren Smith’s notably, and also a fabulous live rendition by Alex Harvey following the dissolution of the Sensational AH Band.

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A visit to the International Anthony Burgess Foundation

Jul 15th, 2011

International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester.

Manchester’s International Anthony Burgess Foundation is a must-visit; not only does it contain the great man’s archive with many gems available for inspection, but in the cafe/foyer there are Burgess’ own author’s copies of his books for sale. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Life And Death Of Marina Abramović

Jul 15th, 2011

The Life & Death Of Marina Abramović, Lowry Theatre, Salford, July 13, 2010.

The Life And Death Of Marina Abramović represents a melding of the visions of the subject and Robert Wilson into beyond bravura performance theatre.

Enhanced by Antony Hegarty‘s holy terror and held together by the carny physicality of Willem Dafoe‘s stage presence, the diamond-hard Manchester International Festival production at Salford’s Lowry Theatre offers a series of sublime tableaux, many preoccupied with Abramović’s monstrous mother.

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