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Postcard + badge: Clandestine London

Oct 31st, 2011

Clandestine London – the latest guide from Herb Lester Associates – is launched this week at a suitably discreet address in the capital.
Above is the invitation postcard. And here is the badge which guarantees entry.

Check out HLA’s online journal here.

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Jamie Reid urged to donate artwork cash to Occupy

Oct 26th, 2011

//Nowhere Buses print on Jamie Reid's website.//

´╗┐David Jacobs – the US activist who says that his Situationist group Point-Blank!, not Jamie Reid, created the infamous “Nowhere Buses” punk graphic (see yesterday’s post) – is calling on the Sex Pistols art director to donate income from sales of the artwork to the Occupy movement.

//Back + front cover of Point-Blank! pamphlet, 1973.//

“Neither I nor anyone in P-B! ever wanted any commercialization of what we had done; that was the antithesis of commerce,” says Jacobs.

“But if Jamie Reid were up for contributing the gains from this artwork to a good cause such as Occupy – in which we are very much engaged – we would be cheered.”

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Point-Blank! challenges Jamie Reid: ‘We created the Nowhere buses’

Oct 25th, 2011

//Back + front cover, Point-Blank! pamphlet 1973.//

//Top: Page 3, Space Travel, Point-Blank!, 1973. Bottom: Sleeve back cover, Pretty Vacant/No Fun, Sex Pistols, 1977.//

In the week of the opening of Jamie Reid’s exhibition Peace Is Tough, the founder of the 70s American Situationist group Point-Blank! is challenging claims that Reid originated one of the key graphics of the punk aesthetic: the so-called “Nowhere buses”.

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Men Of The World: Yuki Yoshioka aka Control Freak!!

Oct 3rd, 2011

The evening of my first encounter with Yuki Yoshioka – who performs and records as Control Freak!! – in April 2006 in Tokyo’s Red Bar sparked a cherished friendship but turned out to be more momentous for a member of our party, Meri.

Introduced that night, these days Meri and Yuki are married and live in London with their gorgeous daughter, Marika.

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