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Installation of the exciting Derek Boshier exhibition Rethink/Re-entry at Flowers Central


//Framed sketches for CLASH 2nd Songbook with copies of the published work//


//Specially designed by Boshier for the show, Art ‘Til You Drop tote bags and badges will be available along with copies of the monograph Rethink/Re-entry//

The installation of Rethink/Re-entry, the exhibition at central London gallery Flowers showcasing important works by Derek Boshier from the 1970s as well as collages and films made in the last year, is all-but complete.

These shots were taken yesterday as co-curator Guy Brett and I worked with the Flowers team on sequencing and final selection for the show, which opens tomorrow (October 7).


//Three sketches for sleeve of David Bowie’s 1979 LP Lodger//


//Daily Mail – Poem Of Hate, 1976//


//From Boshier’s series of Perspex-encased mixed media works: New York, 1970; Pyramids At Giza, 1971; King George V Avenue Cardiff, 1971//


//State Of Mind (1976) in packaging//

We are particularly excited to display such provocative and socially engaged Boshier pieces such as Daily Mail – Poem Of Hate and The Stun. His execution of these chimed with the collaborations with David Bowie and The Clash.


//Four 2014 collages//


//Construction of the ‘cinema’ for visitors to view recent filmworks and Change from 1973//

Flowers has constructed a “cinema” in the lower gallery where visitors can view three of Boshier’s 2014 filmworks as well as Change from 1973, which prefigured his most recent activities. And we are also putting on display for the first time recent Boshier print collages.


//Depressed Cosmetic Salesman, 1978//


//French Art Collector’s Paris Apartment, 1971//


//Embossed cover of 16 Situations, Ideas Books, 1971//

The exhibition is staged to celebrate new monograph Derek Boshier: Rethink/Re-entry, which  is published by Thames & Hudson. You may buy copies here.

Rethink/Re-entry: Derek Boshier in the 1970s & Films & Collage 2014 runs to November 7. Details here.


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