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What’s it going to be then, eh? An ‘unforgettable evening of typewriters, music, rough cider and poison-pen letters’

//Anthony Burgess, Chiswick, west London, 1968, with the border collie Haji, “crafty, disobedient, and ignorant of the sexual life, except in perverted forms peculiar to himself […] He had no loyalty, leaving that commodity to us”. Photo: IABF//

Tomorrow is Anthony Burgess’s centenary; would that I could, I’d be in Manchester, specifically at the Engine House, Chorlton Mill, 3 Cambridge Street, home to the International Anthony Burgess Foundation for its celebration of the great fellow with an “unforgettable evening of typewriters, music, rough cider and poison-pen letters”.

This will draw on the Foundation’s archive of unpublished correspondence with Burgess’s cast of friends and enemies including Angela Carter, Graham Greene, Stanley Kubrick and Hunter S. Thompson.

//The “seal-pointed virgin matriarch” Lalage, the Burmese which accompanied the Burgesses from London to Malaya “like taking coals to Newcastle”. Photo: IABF//

Tickets are £5 advance (plus booking fee) and £7 on the door. Tickets can be bought here and entitle each attendee to a free drink.

If you, like me, are not in the vicinity, at least spare a minute to read Graham Foster’s very funny post on the IABF site about Burgess and his pets, which, during his time in Malaya with wife Lynne included 25 cats “controlled rigorously” by the “seal-pointed virgin matriarch” Burmese Lalage as well as a rooster named Regulus, a turtle and an otter “that whistled like a train when it wanted food”.

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