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Cunst Art: Caroline Coon’s hand-rendered Laid Bare Diary 1983-1984

I once asked gallery owner Angela Flowers for her definition of an artist. Without hesitating she said: “That’s easy. An artist is someone who simply has to paint every day.” Caroline is the personification of that description.

Charlotte Metcalf from her editor’s note, Laid Bare Dairy 1983-1984

A fascinating and frank document of the period of the artist’s personal life conveyed by the title, Caroline Coon’s Laid Bare Diary 1983-1984 is also a  lovingly realised bookwork.

With expose-stitched binding, Laid Bare Diary is a handsome object. I particularly like the card plates, which are all of a piece with the text and add to the hand-rendered nature of this project from Coon’s imprint Cunst Art.

Buy copies of Laid Bare Diary 1983-4 here.

Visit Coon’s site here.

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