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Run To Me: A quizzical visual exchange between Sam Jackson and Derek Ridgers

//Front, Run To Me catalogue, 25 x 20cm, 44pp//

//Unconditional Love, Sam Jackson, 2017//

In the exhibition Run To Me – opening tomorrow at Old Street’s Charlie Smith London – curator Faye Dowling presents a quizzical visual exchange between painter Sam Jackson and photographer Derek Ridgers.

//First part of my essay faced with Tanya, The Batcave, Derek Ridgers 1983//

//Curator Faye Dowling’s introduction with Viktoria, Torture Garden, Derek Ridgers, 2008//

In my essay for the catalogue, I examine how Jackson’s text-scrawled figuration acts as both commentary on and counterpoint to Ridgers’ documentation of the subcultural undergrounds of the last four decades.

//From left: Legacy, Take The Risk and Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die, Sam Jackson, 2017//

//Left, Stoke Newington, 1981; right, Tuinol Barry, Chelsea, 1983, both Derek Ridgers//

If you’re in town at any point in the next four weeks I recommend a visit. Run To Me is at Charlie Smith London until November 11. More details here.

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