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Ian Dury With Love: Barney Bubbles back at the V&A

Ian Dury With Love, 60in x 40in poster for the 1977 Live Stiffs tour, designed by Barney Bubbles.

Ian Dury With Love, 60in x 40in poster, 1977.

I sourced this incredible large-scale Barney Bubbles-designed poster from a private collection for the V&A’s forthcoming exhibition British Design: 1948-2012.

Chris Breward, co-curator with Ghislaine Wood, credits my 2010 exhibition Process (which focused on Bubbles’ working practices) for having persuaded the V&A to foreground the work of the late graphic designer in the new show.

“Process alerted us to Barney Bubbles’ overlooked standing in the history of British design,” says Breward. “He is a missing link between the 60s and the late 70s and his work is highly compelling, so has good exhibition impact.”

This follows the inclusion of Bubbles pieces also sourced by me for the museum’s recent Postmodernism retrospective.

Read all about Process: The Working Practices Of Barney Bubbles here.

More on Bubbles’ presence at the V&A’s new show over at the Barney Bubbles Blog.

Details of British Design: 1948-2012 here.

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Author: / Published: Mar 13th, 2012 / Category: Barney Bubbles, Design, Exhibitions, Graphic design, Posters / Comments: 3

3 Responses to “Ian Dury With Love: Barney Bubbles back at the V&A”

  1. Will Birch
    on Mar 13th, 2012
    @ 8:54 pm

    Very much looking forward to seeing Barney’s work and other works at the V&A this spring.

  2. paul
    on Mar 5th, 2013
    @ 10:27 pm

    Hi, I’ve been searching the internet about about a screen print Ian Dury With Love. I believe it is out of a set which would make it 1 of 5. Would you know how I would go about getting it verified that it is an original print by Barney Bubbles?

  3. Paul Gorman
    on Mar 6th, 2013
    @ 7:22 am

    Hi Paul

    Send details and a pic to me here ( and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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