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PiL logo tape, flyers for the Limelight and Generation X, Allen Jones artwork, the 1967 Gear Guide: Excavated ephemera of a London youth

Nov 24th, 2014

//Copy of PIL’s Metal Box complete with tape printed with Dennis Morris’ logo for the band; DB reckons this may have come from the group’s guitarist Keith Levene//

During a recent visit to his mother’s north London home, NY-based expat DJ, art/publishing player and blogger DB Burkeman took the opportunity to recover some of the ephemera of his youth, including the items you see here.


//Flyer for evening at the London outpost of Peter Gatien’s 80s club brand featuring Barnsley (now Barnzley), Tim Simenon (of Bomb The Bass) and the Wild Bunch’s Nellee Hooper//


//Photo of Allen Jones artwork obtained from Burkeman’s first employer//


//Allen Jones appropriation in artwork for late 70s Generation X gig designed by Burkeman’s friend Barry Jones, one of the faces behind punk club The Roxy and guitarist for the London Cowboys and Johnny Thunders//

Many struck a chord; we are approximately of the same vintage and have followed the same interests (though he more intensively in music). For sure we were at some of the same gigs – including Hawkwind’s final stands with Stacia at The Roundhouse in 1975 – and also have mutual acquaintances.


//76pp booklet by David Johnson and Roger Dunkley, illustrations Julia Stone, photography Bob Baker. Atlas Publishing, 1967//

I was made up when out of the blue last week DB  sent me one of the items he retrieved: a 1967 copy of the Gear Guide booklet (I have the repro issued by Old House a couple of years back).


//Passport photos of Burkeman in the late 70s//

For a full rundown of DB’s finds, read his post on here.

All photos: DB Burkeman.

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Beatbooks 61: Communal, alternative and psychedelic living; Peyote; Hippies; Music; Psychedelic & Underground Art; Sixties London; Underground Press

Jul 23rd, 2012

//Cover, Beatbooks 61, from Martin Sharp's design for Oz no. 3 (May 1967).//

The new Beatbooks catalogue lines up the seminal alongside the obscure, from complete sets of Oz, Ink, Gandalf’s Garden and Suck magazines and Time’s “Swinging London” cover story to Robert E. Brown’s The Psychedelic Guide To Preparation Of The Eucharist, LIFE’s July 1969 study of US communes and a rare poster for the Psycho Circus at the Roundhouse in 1967 in support of the Vietnam Solidarity Campaign.
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