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Jasper: Memories of the London fashion label and a Barney Bubbles connection

May 15th, 2017

//But Is It… ART, t-shirt design, Ian Harris for Jasper, 1979//

I’ve dug into collector and graphic artist Ian Harris’s rich archive again and turned up a brace of t-shirts he designed in the late 70s for Jasper, the eponymous London-based fashion label operated by entrepreneur Jasper Hamilton Holmes from showrooms in central London.

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Antony Price, Peter York and the occasional Them

Oct 19th, 2012

//Showing Price The Look Of London map.//

Conducting the in conversation with Antony Price at London’s Fashion + Textile Museum earlier this week was fun.

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In conversation with Antony Price at the Fashion + Textile Museum today

Oct 17th, 2012

This morning I’m in conversation with designer Antony Price as part of London’s Fashion & Textile Museum’s programme of events relating to its current Pop! Design Culture Fashion exhibition.

We’ll be talking about Antony’s career in the context of the British art school influence on these areas of popular culture. My visual presentation will also reference the work of others who emerged from the art school system, including design entrepreneur Tommy Roberts – the subject of my new book – and artist/designers John Dove and Molly White.

As a tribute to Roberts, London vintage queen Deborah Woolf is displaying this rare, stunning design from the first version of his and Trevor Myles’ pop art boutique Mr Freedom, at 430 King’s Road: a stars and stripes kimono-style dress.

Pop! Design Culture Fashion is on until October 27. Details here.

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October 17: A right turn-out for Pop! with John Dove + Molly White, Antony Price + Tommy Roberts

Oct 4th, 2012

On October 17 I’m hosting the opening session of the Pop! Design Study Day at London’s Fashion & Textile Museum.

The event is part of the FTM’s Pop! Design Culture Fashion exhibition and I’ll be kicking off proceedings in conversation with John Dove & Molly White, Antony Price and Tommy Roberts.

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Glam comes into focus: Karl Stoecker’s fashion shoot for Club International October 1972

Jul 25th, 2012

Tucked away at the back of an issue of British soft-porn magazine Club International was a fashion shoot featuring clothing elements which denoted the crystallisation of the new art-directed glam aesthetic inaugurated by the release of Roxy Music’s first album a couple of months previously.

The photographer was Karl Stoecker, the New Yorker who had been resident in the UK since the mid-60s and was coming into his own with important contributions to Roxy’s visual identity across that LP and its successors For Your Pleasure and Stranded.

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Identified! The ‘strange boy in drag’ at Pierre Laroche’s breakfast with Ossie Clark, Marianne Faithfull + Michael Roberts in 1974

May 7th, 2012

//According to artist Kevin Whitney, the "strange boy in drag" was the German fashion model Jurgen (surname not known).//

A couple of months back I wrote about a photo-session conducted at David Hockney’s Notting Hill house* in May 1974 by photographer Willie Christie.

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Bowie Boys by Tommy Roberts

Apr 4th, 2011

I am currently working with Tommy Roberts on a book about his life and career in fashion. Tommy has been assembling a selection of anecdotes and stories which will feature as occasional tasters here over the coming months.

This reminiscence stems from the period in the early 70s when Tommy operated City Lights Studio. Situated at 54 Shorts Gardens WC2 with a darkly glamorous interior design realised by Electric Colour Company’s Andrew Greaves + Jeffrey Pine, City Lights was the first fashion store in London’s Covent Garden, the neighbourhood then dominated by the capital’s fruit and veg market.

City Lights Studio, which came into being at the end of 1972, was a fashion emporium I created in tandem with Willy Daly, a colleague and friend since we had worked together at Mr Freedom.

City Lights was situated in an imposing high-ceilinged loft atop a building in Covent Garden. Our studio designed, wholesaled and retailed an extremely stylish and tasty array of men’s and women’s wear, shoes, hats, jewellery and other fashion accessories.

For this story I’m concentrating on the menswear.

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