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Seven works by Barney Bubbles feature in Making Music Modern: Design For The Eye & Ear at MoMA

Jan 26th, 2015


//Left: Poster, 30 x 20″, one of a series of four, for Generation X residency at The Marque, Soho, London, September 1977. Right: Poster, 60 x 40″, one of a series of five for Stiff Records package tour of UK, October/November, 1977. Design (c) Barney Bubbles Estate//


//Installation view of Making Music Modern dominated by Bubbles’ Costello poster. Also note his Do It Yourself sleeve and Generation X poster. Photo: John Wronn//

New York’s Museum Of Modern Art is featuring seven works by the late graphics maestro Barney Bubbles in the current exhibition Making Music Modern: Design For The Eye & Ear.


//Another installation view of Making Music Modern; note Bubbles back cover for Dury’s LP New Boots & Panties!! in the display in the foreground. Photo: John Wronn//


//Front cover design for Dury’s 1979 LP Do It Yourself printed on wallpaper. Design (c) Barney Bubbles Estate//

These are drawn from the period when Bubbles (born Colin Fulcher 1942; died 1983) was producing designs for punk and new wave artists in the late 70s and early 80s and include posters for Elvis Costello, Generation X and Ian Dury & The Blockheads’  LP Do It Yourself, as well his enduring Blockhead logotype for Dury and his sleeve for Dury’s live debut New Boots & Panties!!.


//Left: Bubbles’ Blockhead logo as it first appeared on the label for Dury’s 1978 single What A Waste. Right: 12in sleeve with aperture for Costello’s 1980 single High Fidelity//

Bubbles’ record sleeves for the 12″in version of Costello & The Attraction’s single High Fidelity and album Almost Blue are also represented.

Making Music Modern is at the museum’s Philip Johnson Architecture & Design Galleries and runs until November 1, 2015. Details here.

View the catalogue of the exhibition contents here.

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Keith Allen’s Breakfast Pirate Radio featuring ‘Northern Industrial Gay’ Jerry Arkwright + Boots Sex Dread

Aug 1st, 2012

Plus ca change…

Tucked away in the June 1983 edition of The Face was this news story about a brave broadcasting venture, the scabrous and short-lived Breakfast Pirate Radio.

//Proof of front cover of Programme 1 by Station BPR, Utility, 1983. Design: Barney Bubbles.//

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Glastonbury 2011 in nine photos: Mud, Billy Bragg, Spirit Of 71 + more mud

Jun 29th, 2011

Going to Glastonbury

Jun 4th, 2011

I’m going to Glastonbury. The festival, that is.

These aren’t words I anticipated ever typing. It’s good to confound expectations, particularly your own, and now I’m looking forward to it; there will be lots of pals there, and I have a purpose.

I’m going as a “performer”, booked as result of the Barney Bubbles connection (he created an elaborate sleeve to house the triple album Revelations, released to pay the debts accrued from the 1971 Glastonbury Fayre).

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