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The Stiff Records clock: When You Kill Time You Murder Success

Feb 13th, 2017

//The Stiff Records clock. Concept: Jake Riviera, design: Barney Bubbles, lettering: Caramel Crunch, 1977. No reproduction without permission//

Stiff Records was on fire in 1977.

The British independent record label, with owners Jake Riviera and Dave Robinson snapping up acts and art director Barney Bubbles applying his unsurpassable skills to the visualising of their music, came straight out of the traps 40 years ago this month with the release of the first ‘punk’ LP Damned Damned Damned by – who else? – The Damned.

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The return of Kix: Fu Manchu by The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra ft Bitty McLean

May 6th, 2013

Dave Robinson, one of the British music business’s towering figures, has sent me this lovely pop-reggae tune from Madness man Lee Thompson’s project.

It’s great for this sunny Bank Holiday; Bitty McLean is on top vocal form.

Fair takes me back to seeing Madness in their North London Invaders incarnation support a jazz-rock trio (!) at Camden Town’s Dublin Castle, and before that the graffito ‘Kix’ emblazoned around 70s teenage nexus Golders Green tube station (courtesy of Thompson).

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Christmas cards: Happy Everything

Dec 24th, 2011

Faveourite Christmas cards: Lorry Sartorio's

//Cancer Relief card adapted, augmented and personalised by Lorry Sartorio, oil paint on printed card, 150mm x 150mm.//

No surprises that the pick of the cards received this Christmas came from artists.

Above is Lorry Sartorio‘s wowser enhancement of a pack card. Below is Andrew Greaves‘ digital image, printed on photographic paper.

Favourite Christmas cards: Andrew Greaves

//Digital print on photographic paper, Andrew Greaves, 70mm x 110mm.//

Thanks, love and best wishes to all who sent me cards and “happy everything” in the words of another great card (an e-type from Dave Robinson) to all readers, friends, supporters, collaborators and contributors. Let’s together make 2012 special.


Favourite Christmas Cards: Dave Robinson's

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