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Melbourne shows an appetite for Herb Lester with publication of Leanne Clancey’s food guide

Apr 3rd, 2014

//Food writer and map compiler Leanne Clancey at the launch of An Appetite For Melbourne at the city’s Kelvin Club. Photo: Brook James//

My wife and I are happy to have hooked up our friends at mapmakers Herb Lester Associates with her one-time schoolmate and these days prominent Australian food writer Leanne Clancey.

As a result Clance, as she is known, produced the excellent guide An Appetite For Melbourne in collaboration with US designer Ross Bruggink.


//Photo: Brook James//


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Twisting with Martians and getting down with the Chicken Astronaut: Herb Lester goes way Out There

Jan 29th, 2014


Out There from Herb Lester Associates marks a departure from terra firma for my favourite map-makers: they’re anticipating the wave of space tourism of the future with this guide to three Grand Tours of the Solar System.


Complete with speculative observations from such sci-fi greats as Arthur C. Clarke, HG Wells and Olaf Stapledon (author of the 1930 book The Last And First Men, about the flight of mankind to Venus), Out There voyages from the Tar Pits Of Titan and the Fountains of Enceladus to the “giant space sponge” moon, Hyperion.


The text is by Matthew De Abatua with design and illustrations by Paul Rogers.

Out There’s publication has been accompanied by Trunk Records’ release of a companion space-themed download album compiled by Nick from the much missed west London record store Intoxica!.

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Photos from The Look Of London launch at Lewis Leathers

Oct 13th, 2012

The Look Of London: An illustrated guide to the city’s most influential fashion spots 1950-2000

Oct 10th, 2012

Tomorrow (October 11) is the publication date of The Look Of London, my map collaboration with the pre-eminent modern guide-makers Herb Lester Associates.

“This map is a reminder that London, with all its individuality and character, is still very exciting,” writes Paul Smith in the foreword; he opened at 44 Floral Street WC2 in 1979.

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The Look Of London: Research materials for new map with Herb Lester Associates

Oct 8th, 2012

Postcard + badge: Clandestine London

Oct 31st, 2011

Clandestine London – the latest guide from Herb Lester Associates – is launched this week at a suitably discreet address in the capital.
Above is the invitation postcard. And here is the badge which guarantees entry.

Check out HLA’s online journal here.

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Conversation: Lloyd Johnson + Ben Olins on Brighton Rock

Feb 27th, 2011

Place: Golden Square, London W1.

Time: 1pm

Coffee: Nordic Bakery Soho

Lloyd Johnson, Ben Olins and I met on a sunny Saturday for a chat about Rowan Joffe’s recently-released film Brighton Rock. The transposition of the storyline to 1964 has resulted in marketing which leans heavily on the backdrop of the Mods vs Rockers “riots” in British coastal resorts that year.

Pretty Green and Merc are among promotional partners; there lingers the distinct impression of an attempt to reach out to cinemagoers by creating a British version of the Mad Men buzz.

In fact the mod content is a gloss overlaying this stodgy interpretation of the 1947 film classic rather than Grahame Greene’s 1939 novel (despite claims to the contrary; Joffe even chose the first film’s climactic cop-out, against the author’s wish for an unremittingly bleak ending).

An original modernist raised in neighbouring Hastings, Lloyd has considerable first-hand knowledge of the subject and worked on the film which is a primary visual influence: Quadrophenia.

Ben’s fascination for the period is manifested in such activities as the club-night The Fabulous Cellar and certain aspects of his media company Herb Lester Associates.

As a cradle Catholic my heart sank when I heard the word on this; one of the great literary investigations into good and evil recast as a mod rite of passage. Mod really is the mainstream option these days isn’t? So codified as to be meaningless and square beyond belief: all those “rules”, all that conformity. For that, and many other reasons, the film lived down to my low expectations.

What do you reckon?

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Herb puts Jimmy’s Corner on the map

Feb 24th, 2011

I am delighted to see that Jimmy’s Corner, my favourite Manhattan bar, features on the latest map from Herb Lester Associates.

Jimmy’s epitomises the map’s celebration of “old” New York.

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