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My Design London in the Evening Standard

Jan 24th, 2018

I am the subject of the My Design London page in today’s edition of the capital’s Evening Standard newspaper.

In Liz Hoggard’s piece, I talk about some of the places which help make this the greatest city in the world, from our local patisserie WA Cafe and picture framers For Art’s Sake to Mayfair jewellers/art space Belmacz, Hackney Road’s Two Columbia Road and M. Goldstein and the galleries Richard Saltoun and Chelsea Space.

Copies of the Standard are available free to commuters on Greater London’s transport system. The piece will be posted on the Standard’s site soon.

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Cygan: Robot-about-town goes on sale

Aug 23rd, 2013

//Scrubbing up well. Cygan with auction house assistant. Photo: Christie's//

M.Goldstein’s Nathaniel Lee Jones is on fire at the moment; on the heels of next week’s Reginald Alan Westaway exhibition in Prague, his awesome 9ft-high robot Cygan goes on sale at Christie’s Out Of The Ordinary auction on September 5.

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Reginald Alan Westaway: Artist + outsider

Aug 7th, 2013

//Reginald Alan Westaway, 1928-2008. Nude self portrait, 1960s//

Property Of A Gentleman, the exhibition opening at Prague’s Svit gallery at the end of the month, will cast much-deserved light on the life and creative outpourings of Reginald Alan Westaway, the British outsider artist and recluse.

Westaway died in 2008, the walls of his house in Herne Bay, Kent, scrawled with diagrams and plans for a lute he was making at the point of his demise. The words were written in Latin and the discarded instrument was propped amid the detritus of decades: empty wine bottles, documents and reference papers, threadbare clothes, packaging and paper bags. The “drawing room” was frozen in time – the curtains hadn’t been opened for years- and the surfaces in the house were submerged under accumulations of spiders’ webs.

From this clutter emerged a complete oeuvre indicating a singular artistic life, self-catalogued and apparently self-sufficient. Westaway’s achievements would have rested in obscurity were it not for the devotion of M.Goldstein’s Nathaniel Lee Jones, who is collaborating with the artist Dirk Bell on the forthcoming exhibition, the Czech title of which is Majetek ušlechtilého muže.

//Self-portrait on air-raid instructions//

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Dream capital: Mrs G on M Goldstein at Dover Street Market

Jul 6th, 2012

Scale & Distortion: M Goldstein's installation at Dover Street Market

Hackney Road’s M Goldstein is one of London’s most intriguing and exciting retail ventures, a constantly evolving arrangement of antiques and curios, clothing and objets d’art.

Scale & Distortion: M Goldstein's installation at Dover Street Market

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M. Goldstein shines at the fair

May 4th, 2011

Nathaniel Lee Jones and Pippa Brooks have created a world of wonder with their M. Goldstein stand at the Battersea Decorative Fair.

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